June 10, 2021

Benefits of Freight Collaboration for E-Commerce Companies

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
Helping independent freight forwarders/brokers better stay in-sync, collaborate, and improve operations with their shippers/clients. Co-founder & CEO @ Cargologik.com
freight collaboration

As the supply chain launches into the world of technology and application platforms, freight collaboration becomes the star focus of these advancements. 

The supply chain and logistics industries are far too critical to the success of e-commerce – making freight collaboration even more important to the industry according to E-Commerce Nation

Companies may need some time to catch up to the growing need for visibility and renewed interest in one solid platform for everyone to use. E-commerce companies can also benefit from expanding platforms and enhancing collaboration using new technology. 

Adding tech capabilities can help commercial teams regain valuable time responding to redundant tasks and activities that also take away from their own client’s business. An example of this would be gathering shipment details for a quote, where the repetitive back and forth is required for both the shipper and the forwarder to even obtain pricing options. Or a logistics partner on the other side of the world who needs to automatically know about a pending delay first thing in the morning when they wake up. Much time, coordination, and effort are spent gathering basic information over, and over again.

This no longer is the case, and adopting a freight collaboration platform for you and your customers is the first step in improving ecommerce shipping operations.

Logistics Management and Freight Collaboration Are the Backbone of E-Commerce and Require Real-Time Data

Not only are logistics management and freight collaboration the backbone of e-commerce, but they also enhance outdated procedures that create chaos and dysfunction within the supply chain. 

Logistics managers continue to ensure the use of new tech for their teams, and other technology can be seen throughout all walks of the supply chain. Increased use of advanced freight management platforms in conjunction with e-commerce visibility assists carriers and shippers with freight forwarding regulation

This also enables real-time intervention when things go wrong. As the industry continues to expand technology and capacity, freight collaboration must be the focal point for e-commerce. Without it, too many things can and will go wrong, and increasingly so at scale as e-commerce brands boom.

Issues that can Arise from Poor Collaboration and a Lack of Supply Chain Tech

As with any introduction of new technology, poor freight collaboration can make any platform seem useless and overwhelming. And unfortunately, the answer is not to sign up for each of the 10 platforms your forwarders provide and have to remember those passwords, but rather to extend your own solution to them and request that they also post-operational updates to your own system. 

You have to flip the script a little bit to truly make it an effective collaboration.  This makes the application more usable and in line with your existing workflows. After all, the key to proper collaboration lies with its ability to be usable from each level. 

Poor collaboration enables improper communication, bad shipment tracking, delivery delays, and a myriad of other disruptions that harm the supply chain and businesses. These can lead to increased fees, missed capacity, and profit loss. 

The core operations of logistics service providers and the often erratic nature of the world’s supply chain already make it very difficult to operate in. Why deal with the unnecessary worry when there’s already so much to worry about?   Freight forwarding collaboration helps eliminate these worries and keep the supply chain moving in the right direction.  

Improved Access and Utilization of TMS and Software Boost Overall Productivity 

The way to combat the issues created by poor freight collaboration is to integrate suitable systems. Using the proper TMS and other software boosts productivity and profitability, and even more so once standard internal operating procedures are set and effectively communicated to commercial teams.

Managers can streamline the processes within the supply chain by implementing the right software for real-time collaboration. When all team members have visibility and can see the data in real-time, it makes each level of the supply chain even more productive by allowing them the pertinent information when they need access to it. Supply chain management is probably one of the toughest team sports you can play, but it’s a game that can be won.

For many experts, they find the excess waste of time and resources, which makes this even more imperative to the success of e-commerce. This is how logistics teams at ecommerce companies can win, on their own by way of collaboration of partners and also internally by making sure everyone across offices and departments are on the same page.

Collaboration and technology are almost unstoppable when the right systems are put in place, with proper training, and ideally on a platform that optimizes the user experience so that it is intuitive and very easy-to-use. 

Partner With Freight Collaboration System Providers to Unlock the Full Potential for E-Commerce Companies

The best thing e-commerce companies can do is engage and leverage freight collaboration system providers to realize your ecommerce organization’s full potential. For many businesses, combining those platforms keeps that information readily available and readable for each team member. 

Domestic freight forwarders and international freight forwarders can also benefit from the collaboration and consolidation of multiple platforms. Not only will this increase visibility, but it will also boost efficiency within your team by implementing collaborative freight management systems.  Sign up for Cargologik today to get started with no obligation.  

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