Transportation Logistics and Freight Forwarding Software made for your clients

All-in-one transportation logistics collaboration software built for freight forwarders that provides automated tracking, document management, and communication for you and your client.

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Benefit From An Advanced Freight Tracking Solution

Gain real-time transparency on your freight with fully automated air and ocean cargo tracking.

Leverage Logistics Timelines

As a freight forwarder, keeping shipment tracking simple makes moving cargo less stressful. Cargologik’s advanced freight tracking solution gives you a fully automated, digital platform that will increase your efficiency, improve client services and reduce your operating costs. Here’s how: 

Standout Shipment Updates & Alerts

Cargologik enables you to:

Comprehensive Commercial Intelligence

The Cargologik platform is designed with developing human relationships at its heart and gives you the ability to:

Client Testimonial

“Using Cargologik will increase our efficiency, client services, and decrease our operating costs. 

We were looking for a manner to accelerate communication and collaboration with our clients. Cargologik complies with both those requirements and more.”

Gabe Rodriguez,
President FCBF & CEO at A Customs Brokerage

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Remove the Headaches Associated With Gathering Critical Shipping Info

Manage shipment information in one place with a powerful digital platform that empowers you to:

Deliver great customer service and an even better customer experience

Everything Cargologik gives you is customer-centric, which in turn will make you the go to business advisor for the shipper’s needs: