August 12, 2021

Freight News: The Top 10 Publications to Follow

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
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The supply chain industry offers many different resources in freight news for those looking to start up, grow their business, and drive business development.

Be it e-commerce logistics or simple freight forwarding, the industry’s leading informational providers can help even the most novice become more informed. Making informed decisions is imperative to creating a lasting business and impression on the logistics world. Acquiring intelligence and learning about certain aspects of the business can be daunting, especially if one does not know where to look. Logistics and supply chain goes so deep and there are hundreds of players and thousands of different organizations to engage with.  These podcasts can help you kickstart your search and find the right market you seek to interact with and learn from.

Last, once you become more engaged with the hosts, guests, and listeners, you can increase your odds of finding new clients, partners, or even investors to work with.  Everything starts with the human-to-human relationship at the end of the day, and podcast communities can serve as great ice-breakers for starting intelligent conversations with folks you want to do business with.

These 10 publications lead the freight news publications in helpful information and can be valuable resources in your own core businesses. 

1. Inbound Logistics

Founded in 1981, Inbound Logistics focuses on education and resources for those looking to immerse themselves in the supply chain. With the latest in freight news, this publication company involves educating professionals on anything freight-related. From freight forwarding to the latest in freight technology, information is found here. 

2. Logistics Management

A monthly freight news publication, Logistics Management has spent the last seven decades focusing on distributing logistics information and resources. With one of the largest reaching audiences in freight, Logistics Management provides a goldmine of data for each team member throughout the supply chain with articles and special reports. 

3. Transportation Topics

Focused on trucking, Transportation Topics wants those in the industry to always catch up on the latest freight news. Promoting informed decision-making for those within the industry so they can be as prepared as possible. This company always keeps reporters on hand for the delivery of trucking news. 

4. DC Velocity 

The first to deliver freight news, DC Velocity works to provide articles each month to industry professionals. With a refreshing take on the editorials, supply chain experts are not bored learning new information from equipment to those looking for more diversity in their business from equipment to freight collaboration. 

5. Logistics Manager

Located in Southeast Asia, Logistics Manager is one of the best suppliers of global freight news. The growing e-commerce industry needs informational sources, and Logistics Manager can provide this. Ocean freight, freight forwarding, or the latest in technology, this publication service has a wealth of knowledge for those who need it. 

6. JOC

A leader in freight news, JOC encompasses business knowledge, data, and current events within the shipping and logistics industry. With more than 200 databases to draw from, this publication can provide the latest freight information, such as digital freight. Eric Johnson’s great work covering tech is quite unique too, providing objective perspectives on freight, maritime, shipping, and logistics tech around the world.

7. Logistics Viewpoints

While delivering the latest freight news, Logistics Viewpoints focuses on wading through relevant information for logistics professionals. Although it only arose in 2009, Logistics Viewpoints’ staff has more than 40 years of industry experience to provide insight to the rest of the supply chain with clear and concise information. 

8. Logistics Business Magazine

This publication’s primary focal point is the supply chain industry as a whole. Its specific content provides ample information on the latest and greatest freight news from transportation to warehouse and distribution. 

9. FreightWaves

Without logistics, the supply chains that keep the global economy moving would cease to exist. Forty percent of the global economy is tied to logistics-dependent industries and there are millions of logistics firms that keep supply chains moving.

Luckily, for the millions of supply chain professionals and organizations that are involved in this critical industry, FreightWaves provides near real-time information and forecasts on how these developments will impact the logistics market and participants. For logistics and supply chain professionals, FreightWaves is the fastest way to navigate the freight market.

These guys are also one of the first to invest heavily into production equipment making their events and digital network one of the most impressive. You’ll find us streaming 4K episodes of “What the Truck” and other programming of theirs on our Apple TV in the background.

10. Supply Chain Dive

Providing in-depth reviews in freight news, Supply Chain Dive offers essential information in supply chain management. They aim to inform so professionals can make good decisions for their businesses, whether operational or otherwise. They also bring in a ton of varied perspective from larger players, white papers, and great case studies for their readership.

Follow the Right Freight News Experts to Stay Informed and Choose the Right Partner in Logistics Too

Finding the right expert to provide this much-needed knowledge can be easier to do with these publication companies. With many decades of experience partnering with authors who can quickly deliver the information, everyone within the supply chain can find what they need. Freight news not only helps those navigate the logistics and transportation industry but also helps veteran logistics professionals stay up to date. This information can help lead experts to the right partner in logistics. Contact Cargologik for more information today.

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