August 26, 2021

How to Find Carriers as a Freight Broker

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
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how to find carriers as a freight broker

Finding out how to find carriers as a freight broker is more manageable for those who do their research. Those looking to start a truckload freight brokerage, need to find carriers as they cannot link shippers to carriers without them. The best freight brokers know how to utilize technology to their advantage, pulling from databases to find local and international truckers. The most advantageous method to locating new carriers lies within their combined experience, knowledge of the industry, and most importantly the key, human-to-human relationships required to make sure that cargo reaches its destination on time, and on budget.

1. Advanced Freight Brokers Leverage Technology to Connect to More Carriers

With the help of freight collaboration and technology, freight brokers can connect to more carriers. While yes it’s still competitive, it’s also never been a better time to startup. The software that brokers use helps centralize data and become more user-friendly and affordable.  They’re starting to cater to more niches within the supply chain, including yours, and helping close the traditional tech gap that has existed between new entrants and existing players.

The best in the industry know how to find carriers as a freight broker with this information and can easily connect to more carriers than their competition. If you’re not fortunate to have been in the industry for a long time, you can still quickly get plugged in to meet new prospects. And new prospects, turn to new business, and business to revenue, and revenue to loyal revenue and more repeat business if done correctly.  

We’ve also seen the utilization of load boards and other technology that offers more connectivity, like an advanced TMS, to allow freight brokers to find the best carriers for their shippers as well.  

2. Brokers Use Their Experience and Ability to Understand Carriers as a Way to Sympathize and Get Carriers Attention

One of the most valuable tools a supply chain expert can use is their knowledge. Experience means brokers can understand the functions of the industry. As well as understanding, brokers get creative when it comes to looking for carrier attention. They know how to speak with carriers and can sympathize with them for their needs. And as mentioned above, they have a ton of the right relationships, in the right locations, to effectively execute and manage cargo movements.   

If you are new to the industry, you are not out of luck either. Tap into digital resources, networks, and join associations. You’ll be surprised how many peers you have in the industry, and when you do find them, you will likely find a strong community supporting one another.  Get out there and network!  

Fully understanding these principles is key for how to find carriers as a freight broker. 

3. Apply Technology to Ensure Offered Rates Are Competitive to Attract Quality Carriers

As a freight broker, utilizing a digital freight network is another way to help find carriers.  According to Trucker Path, applying collaborative technology can monitor competitors’ rates and show companies how to attract those carriers to their brokerage. How to find carriers as a freight broker can often result from the client list of the competition. This approach may be easier considering the state of the current market and the capacity crunch that is likely to remain for some time. 

4. Leverage Real-Time Data to Understand Market Dynamics

Leveraging data in real-time can help professionals more deeply understand the market. The capacity crisis plagues the industry, and finding carriers gets more challenging with each order online. E-commerce is accelerating and the list of growing demands from the consumer won’t be subsiding anytime soon.  Being able to deal with the current market and “see around the corner,” requires a lot of dedicated reading, conversations, talking to the right people, and data.

The integration of omnichannel ordering launched the e-commerce industry into a new world of chaos – linking wholesalers, retailers, e-tailer, and end-customer in ways we haven’t seen before. Fulfillment innovations and robotics won’t be slowing down any time soon either. With instantaneous data uploaded, teams can immediately view the data in its most current state to understand how to combat issues as they reach peak season. This is particularly important for those shippers who receive frequent tender rejections and need to locate new capacity. 

5. Advanced Brokers Know How to Rate Freight to Find the Best Deal

The key to success for freight brokerage companies means knowing how to locate the best deal. The ability to present an opportunity to carriers they cannot refuse is an art. It requires expertise, and often, a lot of practice.  Advanced brokers know how to level with those carriers and recruit them to the team and find carriers as a freight broker. As the brain and Rolodex grows, so do the opportunities that are and will be available to you.

6. They Leverage White-Label Technology to Create a Technology-Driven Strategy to Booking & Scheduling

Additional benefits of freight collaboration mean leveraging technology to ensure the smooth processes of booking and scheduling – and always focusing on the customer experience. Cause their success will always be yours at the end of the day.  

This also helps staff by keeping things running on time. Technology-driven strategies promote on-time delivery and boost productivity. Using technology allows brokers to learn how to find carriers as a freight broker. 

Know How to Find Carriers as a Freight Broker by Leveraging the Power of Cargologik

Ultimately, utilizing technology can find carriers for shippers and brokers. Harnessing the power of Cargologik means helping find those hard-to-find carriers for this demanding peak season and increased capacity crunch. Sign up for Cargologik today to learn more about how your team can put the power of technology to work to find more carriers and business relationships. 

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