July 15, 2021

How to Start a Truckload Freight Brokerage

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
Helping independent freight forwarders/brokers better stay in-sync, collaborate, and improve operations with their shippers/clients. Co-founder & CEO @ Cargologik.com
How to Start a Truckload Freight Brokerage

The only way to know how to start a truckload freight brokerage is to learn the functions of the industry. Freight brokering can be an enormous feat for those who do not have prior experience. Between detailed coordination, integrating systems to match global platforms, setting pricing, and continuously learning, entering the freight brokerage business can be intimidating without the a clear path to market. As well as digital freight, other methods of freight and freight brokering need to be carefully considered. 

Create Your Business Plan

The first in line for a how to start a truckload freight brokerage beginner’s guide is to create a business plan. If you want to be a truckload freight brokerage or another type of freight management services provider, such as an independent freight forwarder, you need a business plan. Start by researching the area you would like to get into and go from there. 

Gain Industry Insights

Researching how to start a truckload freight brokerage is the best way to learn the industry. Research can come from online articles or consulting established freight brokerage experts. Enabling yourself to learn more about industry insights will put you and your team first because of the wealth of knowledge experienced professionals and leading publications offer. Additionally, it’s important to start tracking data insights regarding rates and market volatility as well.

Integrate Your Systems of Record With Global Platforms

Another insight for succeeding in the freight industry is integrating systems from accounting, CRM, and other business systems to a freight management platform. This is a critical step in going to market and learning how to start a truckload freight brokerage. Those brokers who not only invest in the right business technology platforms but make them all work together, are able to weild a better customer experience with their shipper customers, but also start collaborating at scale with carriers, making the entire integrated approach more effective than single use of any platform.

Apply for Operating Licensure and Authority

Remaining compliant and obtaining the proper licensure is imperative to stay in the industry. The last thing clients want is to find their brokerage is not correctly licensed, and suddenly, they are hit with fines and penalties. Follow the guidelines and continuously monitor the FMCSA for more updates as needed and watch for the fees associated with those licenses, explains Supply Chain Game Changer

Vet and Source Carrier Partnerships and Shippers

Another best practice for those who want to learn how to start a truckload freight brokerage is to vet carrier and shipper partnerships thoroughly. The reliability of carriers is the one function brokerages cannot float by without. Carriers who do not meet delivery expectations and other requirements have no place in the supply chain industry. At the same time, not all shippers may be the best fit for your brand. Vet them all.

Set Pricing Based on Data

Setting pricing can be stressful to those who are just learning how to start a truckload freight brokerage. Knowing where to look for initial thresholds lies in the existing data. Do thorough research to see what local competitors charge and other data to set your prices. 

Always Keep Learning

The key to succes when operating a freight brokerage is to keep learning constantly. Success in today’s e-commerce driven supply chain industry is contingent on continuous training for all team members. This goes for each level of the supply chain. 

Choose a Strategic Location, Offering Cloud-Based Service Wherever You’re Located

Location, location, location. Cloud-based services can be offered from pretty much anywhere; however, some areas are more tech-rich than others. Be sure to offer services where the most in-demand technology can be accessed for clientele. And that must include a cloud-based service and virtual experience too.

Be a Better Freight Broker WIth the Right Platform in Use

The only authentic way to find out how to start a truckload freight brokerage is to find the right partner who has the right platform. Get started with your first 10 shipments free and start building a more loyal customer base, sign up for Cargologik today.

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