Cargologik Integrations

Cargologik integrates with logistics automation platforms to accelerate growth.

Your Automated Quoting Companion

Benefit from Cargologik’s first true enterprise feature, which integrates with Magaya, Descartes and Cargowise for innovative automated quoting. 

Cargologik enables independent freight forwarders and brokers to enter their rates using our backend interface, allowing shippers to request a quote directly.

The Benefits of Automated Quoting

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benefit from greater control over securing faster quotes for their customers.
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benefit from having greater control over their pricing.
Plus, automated quoting can be configured globally, allowing:
Faster quoting and booking support to secure more customers.
Shipper customers to make more informed buying decisions.
Shippers to control whether they want to pay shipping costs and quickly know how it will impact internal costs.

Comprehensive Commercial Intelligence

The Cargologik platform is designed with developing human relationships at its heart and gives you the ability to:

Magaya Integration

Cargologik integrates with Magaya to automatically create unique logistics timelines immediately, creating customers from the Mayaga database and extracting shipment information which is populated in Cargologik thanks to REST-API.

This means customers don’t have to change any logistics workflows that exist with Magaya, but gives Cargologik access to data so customers can track shipments and benefit from automated quoting.

Descartes Integration

Cargologik combines with Descartes to deliver a unique customer experience and well-executed freight forwarding solutions.

Cargologik pulls together automated quoting, logistics timelines, client relationship management, document management and shipment visibility, which when paired with Descartes, offers a complete end-to-end global trade management solution.

Cargowise Integration

Coming soon.