March 25, 2021

How to Meet Customer Expectations as a Small International Freight Forwarder

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
Helping independent freight forwarders/brokers better stay in-sync, collaborate, and improve operations with their shippers/clients. Co-founder & CEO @
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The modern supply chain to reach peak performance and optimization requires a lot of work and a keen eye for freight innovations and modern trends. Many working parts and teams must come together efficiently to make sure customer expectations are met and exceeded. International freight forwarders can help connect suppliers and customers while also strengthening the supply chain as a whole, building better customer service levels, notes Forbes. These partnerships open doors for faster capacity procurement and improved shipping services. 

Reduce Back-Office Cost by Integrating Your Systems and Sharing Data in Real-Time

International freight forwarders must work to improve transportation processes for all customers. Back-office services and operations can impact every part of the supply chain. Freight needs to be tracked, orders organized, payments collected, and trucks maintained. It relies on accurate and timely communication, where access to real-time data and analytics comes into play.

Capture Data and Respond to Quote Requests in Real-Time With Automation and Integrated Systems

Working with a freight forwarding company improves the overall logistics of the supply chain’s operations. Real-time responses are critical to securing capacity and maximizing profits every day. It comes down to making the most of the automated tools and integrated systems available to international freight forwarders. Automating routine tasks, improving response time, accessing data, boosting efficiency, and equipping team members are steps forwarders must take to be successful.

Follow Through on All Shipments With an Electronic Bill of Lading and Electronic Proof of Delivery

Shippers in all industry niches depend on timely and accurate invoicing and payment. Outdated methods are cumbersome, slow, and prone to errors. With a modern approach to payments, namely eBOL and ePOD platforms, it is easier to track all shipments from the very start to final delivery. Staying up to date with payments and financial management is one of the most critical steps that international freight forwarders have to stay on top of to maximize customer satisfaction.

When Exceptions Occur, Such as Import Delays, Notify Customers and Partners Immediately

International freight forwarders are tasked with the unique challenge of acting as the middleman between shippers and carriers in a global market. A good freight forwarder has a robust network setup that focuses on data utilization and response. Careful monitoring and tracking make it easier to detect disruptions as they occur. But it is just as critical to respond to them quickly and effectively. 

Mitigate Risks in Real-Time With Management by Exception and Lessening Workloads

The modern supply chain relies on improved automation, streamlined processes, and innovative collaborations. For the international freight forwarder, it is about balance and adaptability. Responding to issues and letting drivers and team members have some sense of independence and self-governance can help everything run more smoothly and efficiently. 

Use Analytics and Metrics to Measure Performance of the International Freight Forwarder Network

The goal of any forwarder and logistics manager is to create better experiences among clients by staying future-ready with a cloud-based freight management platform and third-party partnership. International freight forwarders can help improve user experiences and boost profits and reduce costs for all involved parties.  The best shipping and carrier platform has a strong network system that embraces automation and collaboration to meet and exceed customer expectations. Connect with Cargologik to get started. 

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