E-Commerce Freight Forwarding Solutions

Keeping companies, freight forwarders, and customers in sync with complete clarity and logistics timelines on e-commerce shipments. 

Access crucial shipment data anytime

As a shipper, especially those with e-commerce capability, you need access to the right data to help you identify what’s working and what isn’t. It’s how you improve your operation and build customer trust in your shipping services.

Cargologik gives you the data you need, all in one place – to stay on top of your shipments with logistics timelines, monitor freight forwarder performance, and improve the customer experience.

Commercial Intelligence and Data

Cargologik enables you to:

Cargologik is where the DHL Tracking Number meets Amazon Logistics Timeline.

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Collaborate with freight technology to super charge the customer experience.

The Cargologik platform is designed with developing human relationships at its heart and gives you the ability to:

Better Document Management

Cargologik reduces the amount of documentation associated with arranging shipment, enabling you to:

Benefits of Cargologik to Shippers

Carologik delivers the perfect blend of improving operations and enhancing the customer experience.

Reduce emails and greater transparency

Update customers in real time

Proactively monitor the
logistics timeline

Process shipments
more efficiently

Integrate with your shopping cart, such as Shopify and others

Track shipments online
or via mobile