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Freight Forwarding Sales Leads: 7 Lead Generation Tips

The key to finding the best freight forwarding sales leads lies in utilizing the resources at hand to the best of one’s ability. Whether it is digital freight like e-commerce or any other cargo, any lead can be found. For independent freight forwarders, they need to remember to be precise and clear when defining services. In addition to this feature, they need to capture data in real-time, leverage social media tools for the advantage, use collaborative resources, and stay informed on the latest market trends. These and other features can keep freight forwarders competitive with even the largest corporation. 

1. Define Services Clearly

One hurdle freight forwarders run into when searching for freight forwarding sales leads is the inability to define services clearly. The struggle with over-promises and lack of clarity can make one potential new client someone else’s new client. 

2. Capture and Analyze Data in Real-Time

Real-time data collection means e-commerce logistics and freight forwarding sales leads professionals can recruit new clientele more easily. Not only does real-time data analytics provide an invaluable service just by allowing that window into the process, but it also means experts can utilize the data they obtain to generate new sales leads. 

3. Leverage Online Video and Social Media Marketing

Another advantageous angle for freight forwarders and other logistics experts to consider is online video and social media marketing. believes using more social media for marketing will broaden the audience to a global network for those freight forwarders who need it. Smaller businesses benefit more from this strategy because they are otherwise unseen by the majority of the supply chain and e-commerce world. 

4. Use a Collaborative Logistics Resource to Build Your Value Proposition

Another good way for an independent freight forwarder to building rapport among the supply chain community is to utilize collaborative logistics as a resource. Essentially, this just means pooling the data from all data sources, be it a TMS or OMS or a new warehouse management system that managers have yet to hear of or utilize. The wealth of knowledge lies before anyone can interpret the data and create their own freight forwarding sales leads. 

5. Stay Informed on Current Market Trends and Likely Cost Impacts

One of the more fundamental ways to generate freight forwarding sales leads is to stay informed. With the boom of e-commerce and e-commerce focused 3PL services, many logistics providers need to remain knowledgeable about the current market and other trends. The market volatility will determine costs, so recruiting during times of high volatility may negatively impact business. It is crucial to create contingency plans for when this happens to reduce cost impacts. 

6. Share Meaningful, Thought-Provoking Content in Your Blog

Another process experts may not think about are the blogs they create and their content. Many of those in need of freight forwarders want to be straight and to the point. Do not waste content or website space on frivolous blogs. Informative and to the point will create more freight forwarding sales leads and increase the likelihood of closing the sale. 

7. Create a Full Plan For Nurturing Leads Regardless of Funnel Position

An important tool to obtain within a digital freight network and other freight forwarding sales leads is a plan. Nurturing leads is the sure way to close a deal. Obtaining a potential new client means nothing without quality service that sets one business above the rest. It does not matter where a client remains, it is imperative to develop a plan to get them to the next step. This means each client, regardless of position in the funnel, is the most important one. 

Generate More Leads by Automating More Back-Office Functions and Letting Sales and Workers Focus on Gaining More Customers

The most effective way to generate more freight forwarding sales leads is to automate more functions within the sales cycle and to provide a stellar experience to your customers. This can be back-office or otherwise so that professionals can focus on world-class service instead. Sign up for Cargologik for a stand-out service freight forwarding technology experience and unbeatable professionals.