June 22, 2021

The Advantages of Using an Independent Freight Forwarder

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
Helping independent freight forwarders/brokers better stay in-sync, collaborate, and improve operations with their shippers/clients. Co-founder & CEO @ Cargologik.com
Independent Freight Forwarders

The recent pandemic took a heavy toll on the supply chain industry, making an independent freight forwarder even more advantageous. Whether shipping domestically or internationally, the red tape can make even the easiest of processes difficult. Travel restrictions and supply-demand are increasing because of hoarding throughout the pandemic. That further shows how far too often, shippers have been plagued with bureaucratic messes ranging from difficulty moving freight across borders or trying to figure out what customers want in advance. 

A lack of data leads to problems, and these obstacles lead to profit loss. Working with an independent freight forwarder and digitizing the freight network can help. And this, along with many other functions, proves that using an independent freight forwarder is valuable and critical for success. It’s also important to understand a few things about the advantages of using an independent forwarding service.

What an Independent Freight Forwarder Does for the Modern Supply Chain

Often shippers find themselves confused if they do not have experience shipping domestically or internationally. Many of today’s top forward-thinking e-commerce brands also were once startups, with no dedicated logistics units to handle their shipping needs. And we all know how important transparency and “2-day shipping,” is today in the age of the modern consumer.

The independent freight forwarder arranges those imports and exports and manages the execution of delivering that shipment on-time, on-budget, and in-line with their shipper’s expectations. 

If shippers opt-out of these services, it could lead to potential shortcomings, such as profit-loss or delays in shipping due to back-office oversight and often lack of network and experience that comes with operating in the industry.  Inexperienced shippers will likely have more issues without a freight forwarder than with one. Shippers must have great freight forwarders, 3pl’s, and other logistics partners to help them effectively navigate all volatility with technology, making them even more unstoppable in the supply chain industry.  

Why the Demand for Freight Forwarding Has Increased Over the Last Few Years

Large, global supply chains have increased exponentially in the last decade. Since the onset of the pandemic last year, e-commerce continues to grow past forecasting demands. 

An independent freight forwarder offers valuable and much-needed help to navigate all of this demand for businesses. They are key to ensuring that business, manufacturers importers, exporters, and other entities have enough product on-hand and scheduled to be on hand in order to fulfill their own business obligations, goods, and services. 

Overall, the need for freight forwarding has increased in recent years as society launches into a brand-new era of rapidly advancing technology development. From increased consumer demands, global disruptions like the pandemic, and market trends affecting the demand, independent freight forwarders are more vital than ever. Larger players are often inundated with business demand, their customer service teams, account managers, and back-office workers are mired in work.  It’s the independent player who can step in and deliver in tough scenarios, offering specialized service and expertise to help you not only get a great rate, but get your cargo delivered with exceptional care and more timely support.

Digital freight networks are evolving rapidly too as a result of advancements in web-based technology, new data services and modern tools have added new capabilities to exceed customer expectations and transparency demands. They make predictive planning easier to navigate with automation and the ability to view data in real-time with smart, always-on digital assistants. Freight forwarders combine these new technologies with their services and advise their customer base, from shipment operation start to finish. 

Tapping Into the Benefits of Using an Independent Freight Forwarder

The benefits of using an independent freight forwarder do not stop at convenience. There are many added benefits to freight forwarding. They continue to acclimate to their circumstances and move in-line with customer expectations and rapid advancement up the human technological curve. 

Before operational disruption strikes, the shipping market regularly faces an often brutal cycle of increased and decreased demands that need to be navigated, according to Supply Chain 24/7. The sudden need to restructure shipping processes to accommodate the changes will inevitably cause significant delays. With freight forwarding, shippers can sleep well, knowing they are taken care of with these top benefits, including: 

  • Adaptability. Independent forwarders have a more excellent range of adaptability and are more likely to work with regional and non-traditional transportation service providers. In turn, this level of independence helps to enable faster and more affordable shipping. 
  • Scalability. Like adaptability, independent forwarders help shippers scale volume commitments to promote increased throughput. That helps to reduce the overall impact of rates across businesses of all sizes. Often the systems they use scale with them, and ideally in a usage-based variable model that considers tough margins within the industry.
  • Visibility. Independent freight forwarding uses technology, such as automated systems, digital platforms, or cloud-based systems, to improve their processes and keep shippers informed from start to finish. By staying independent, they are more motivated to provide better visibility into all operations. 
  • Affordability. Independent forwarders can reduce cost-guzzling issues like delays at ports or cross-border by building out more relationships with local organizations, including customs officials, to help streamline shipment execution and manage the growing costs of e-commerce logistics.

Partner With the Best Freight Forwarding Tracking System Provider to Ensure Continued Growth

The best thing businesses can do for themselves would be to choose to work with a mix of traditional and independent freight forwarder partners. For these entities, partnering with the best freight forwarding systems provider will ensure stable relationships with their shippers and carriers alike. Independent forwarders and brokers should start by recognizing their value and eliminating rework by using these platforms. Sign up for Cargologik to get started today and upload your first 10 MBLs for automated tracking and sharing with your customer, for free.

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