May 19, 2022

The Benefits of Digital BOL and POD in Global Forwarding

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
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A Proof of Delivery (POD) is a receipt proving the delivery of a shipment. A carrier provides the POD, and it must be accepted and acknowledged by the recipient to confirm the cargo delivery. A Bill of Lading (BOL) is the proof of transportation of goods. 

Over the past two years, the industry has faced many challenges in freight handling and meeting the needs and demands of customers. According to, the global e-commerce logistics market grew by 19.9% in 2021, proving that the need to digitize the supply chain industry is critical. The e-commerce market trends made up nearly half of digital logistics globally.  

The need and demand for technology continue to grow and evolve to meet the expectations of consumers and customers. The traditional pen and paper method is not feasible in the current market conditions, making digital BOL and POD a necessity in keeping up with the demands of global freight forwarding. 

Improved Compliance With Record-Keeping Requirements

With the ever-changing requirements for record-keeping, digital proof of delivery lowers the risk for errors and improves record-keeping compliance requirements. Documents are readily available in a central location with digital POD. By implementing this technology, freight forwarders will lower liability while improving efficiency and productivity. Digital POD also allows forwarders to stay updated on changes to real-time record-keeping standards. 

More Collaboration With Other Freight Management Parties

Digitizing proof of delivery allows collaboration with other freight management parties, improving overall customer satisfaction and ROI. People want instant gratification, the quickest, most straightforward, and most affordable solution. Logistic collaboration with all freight management parties allows them to meet the demands. Collaborative digital freight platforms offer each transaction visibility, transparency, and efficiency. 

Real-Time Management by Exception

When a proof of delivery exception occurs, digital POD technology keeps all parties informed of changes and exceptions in real-time. Providing real-time data will prevent market instability and unpredictability by allowing immediate notification to all parties. Management by Exception will enable exceptions to be handled swiftly and appropriately, reducing risks, optimizing planning, and improving client communication. 

Easier Traceability of Shipments

Digitizing proof of delivery makes tracking supply chain data more effortless than ever. This technology provides freight forwarders and customers with data with the click of a button. They can track and trace their shipment from loading to arrival and all stops between. It also creates less physical manpower as all information is available through an electronic platform, cutting out the middleman. Since the onset of the pandemic, contactless has been the trend, which is prevalent in the shipping industry. Digitalization, contactless ordering, shipping, and delivery are at your fingertips. Customers and suppliers are notified of shipment and delivery.

Fewer Missteps When Handing Freight to Other Parties

Digitized proof of delivery and bill of lading are managed through a platform accessible by all parties. This inevitably leaves room for little error when multiple parties are handling freight. Loaders and drivers touch the cargo at various locations during transit. This innovative technology can track the weight, location, and status of their cargo at any given time. 

Less Busy Work for Drivers

Digital proof of delivery takes away the driver’s tedious paperwork and other data-oriented tasks. It allows them to focus on their pick up, transport, and cargo delivery. Digital POD provides the drivers with real-time updates and visibility to meet the needs of customers and reduce their overall workload.

Tap the Potential of Digital Proof of Delivery With Cargologik

There are multiple benefits to implementing a digital proof of delivery and BOL. It eases the load of drivers, enhances traceability of cargo, creates less room for human error, and provides real-time updates to all collaborators, enabling you to grow your freight forwarding business. Tap into the potential of digital proof of delivery and sign up with Cargologik today!

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