January 20, 2022

The Role of Integrated, Digital Document Management in Freight Forwarding

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
Helping independent freight forwarders/brokers better stay in-sync, collaborate, and improve operations with their shippers/clients. Co-founder & CEO @ Cargologik.com

Integrated document management systems serve an integral role within the modern supply chain network and can help make freight forwarding easier concerning recordkeeping and digital process management. As the world continues to become more and more digital, so too must the processes that are utilized by management. As highlighted by Supply Chain Digital, “Supply chain digitization is already showing significant impact for those willing to invest. According to a recent KPMG survey, the investment in intelligent automation will reach $232bn in 2025, compared to $12.4bn today.” The reasons for this increase in digital document management focus are largely due to the growing realization that digitization can enhance the customer experience, improve network efficiencies, streamline manual processes, and help onboard new operating or business models. Integrated document management in freight forwarding is critical for ongoing growth and success, particularly in today’s volatile market.

Challenges of Traditional Document Management

What once worked perfectly well for recordkeeping and document management has been revealed to be ineffective, cumbersome, and challenging for supply chain management and team members alike. Some of the challenges seen with traditional document management that digital document management systems can help alleviate include the following:

  • Easily lost papers that are difficult to file, track, and access
  • Large stacks of papers to search through for special records
  • Cumbersome papers that have to physically be shared and copied
  • Easier to lose and damage important papers during transit
  • Difficult to coordinate and collaborate over physical papers
  • Long hold times waiting for papers or feedback on work
  • A buildup of ineffective processes that slow things down
  • Slower response to market changes such as e-commerce shipping

Integrating document management processes with digital tools and platforms can help reduce and even eliminate many of these issues that traditional document processes allow.

Integrated Digital Document Management Systems in Freight Forwarding Reduces Risk

Another benefit of digital documents management systems is they help shippers, carriers, brokers, and forwarders all reduce and avoid excessive risks within their day-to-day operations. Keeping up with current freight market trends is an important part of reducing and managing risks. Everything from data access to security measures can be improved with a digital processing and management system in place. 

Having faster, more reliable, and more secure access to on-demand data with digital paper trails and document management, the opportunities for losses, expenses, and disruptions fall greatly. And with lower risk levels comes greater freedom to expand and reach into new niche markets and take on additional capacity types without opening the network up to undue risks.

Additional Benefits of Integrated Digital Document Management

Embracing digital and integrated document management in freight forwarding can also bring other benefits that can be enjoyed by freight forwarding business management and team members alike:

  • Faster response time to inquiries
  • Better resolutions to customer concerns
  • More reliable solutions to disruptions
  • Improved collaborations with third-parties
  • All-encompassing communications
  • On-demand data analysis and access
  • Superior predictive planning results
  • Speedier growth and onboarding procedures
  • Streamline enhancements network-wide
  • Many more

Put the Power of Digital Freight Forwarding Document Management to Work by Choosing Cargologik.

Embracing a fully digital and integrated document management system can do wonders for overall management and coordination within the supply chain network as it helps highlight what forwarders need to know. Virtually every process and task becomes easier when data and records are available with a few clicks of a button rather than the lengthy process of tracking down and attaining physical paperwork copies. 

Having the best digital document management system can help improve freight forwarding and supply chain managers by enabling better collaborations and by strengthening partnerships with shippers, carriers, brokers, and even customers. Contact Cargologik today to see a demo for yourself and discover the difference document management in freight forwarding can make.

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