September 10, 2020

The Top 10 Customs Brokers Globally & their Technology

Miles Varghese
Miles Varghese
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International trade is inevitable and the key to building a successful, diversified, and risk-proof supply chain. Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute to find another broker will amount to a nightmare. At the same time, the industry is experiencing record-breaking demands. 

According to Business Wire, “the global business scenario is witnessing a major boost in trade activities that include import and export of commodities across countries. Such a boost in international trade activities is creating the requirement of a faster customs clearance process along with the necessary accurate documentation and compliance with customs regulations. This is resulting in the outsourcing of customs brokerage services to customs brokers who are equipped with a detailed knowledge of the tariff schedule and the listing of duty rates for import items. This will drive the spend momentum in the customs brokerage industry that will exceed 8% between 2017-2022.” 

Thus, knowing the top brokers is key to ensuring available capacity and surviving the climb. And after an extensive review of ratings and public information for the top 10 customs brokers, which work well with freight forwarding software, as compiled from reviews at Clutch, here are the leaders.

1. CH Robinson

Over recent years, CH Robinson has solved logistics problems for companies and industries around the world from the most complex to the simplest. They use their level of expertise combined with multimodal transportation management to deliver the best services to clients. 

They also recently announced early this year, a new innovation initiative, double downing on their investment into C.H. Robinson Labs – “Robinson Labs works hand in hand with the company’s technology team of more than 1,000 data scientists, engineers, and developers”. They’ve also spent US $1B on tech! They invest in their people and formally named Tim Gagnon, a company vet who knows how to invest and also leverage technology for the firm.

2. Total Quality Logistics

TQL is one of the biggest freight brokerage firms that operate both locally and internationally. TQL is a third-party logistics company with a full truckload. It also offers services in specialized logistical services. It was recently ranked as the largest freight brokerage company in North America. 

While they are not investing at nearly the same rate, TQL also provides its own technology for its clients – TQL Tracks.

3. XPO Logistics

XPO is one of the most successful companies in the world, providing pivotal supply chain solutions. They have specialists in freight brokerage, expedited transportation, global forwarding, contract logistics and supply chain management. The experts make sure they offer the best services to clients. 

These folks are also investing US $550 million dollars…annually into technology efforts. The focus of their tech team “four areas of innovation: automation and intelligent machines, visibility and customer service, our digital freight marketplace and dynamic data science.” also have digital consumer solutions

4. Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics is one of the largest third-party logistic providers in the world. It can match up to 10,000 shipments in a single day. Coyote Logistics was founded in 2006 with a mind of offering the best customer service in the industry of freightage transportation. They are now a UPS company.

When you visit their website, it’s also apparent that they also take tech seriously. Their homepage is very well designed, customer-centric, and engaging. Their shippers and carriers also get access to their suite of tools starting with CoyoteGo. 

5. Echo Global Logistics

Among the top 10 customs brokers, Echo Global Logistics is the number one leading provider in technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management in the world. The echo provides freight brokerage and management solutions in all the major modes. Echo ensures it manages and maintains its web-based technology that complies with its transportation data.

Surprise! They also have their own TMS that they offer to their clients complete with a shipper portal. Yes, another portal called Echoship but also they provide digital resources on how to engage and use that portal (sometimes these things need a manual).

6. Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express is a third party logistics company that helps small and medium-sized businesses ship smarter. WWEX has logistics experts who will help you practically ship your freight so that you will save your time and money. They also have a streamlined shipping platform that helps you have a track of your shipment.

The tech focus based on their site is their platform, Speedship, and e-commerce where you will find even more resources on how e-commerce companies can deliver better customer experiences.  This is critical and seems to be a common thread throughout these top 10 players. 

7. Landstar System

Landstar networks work in a special way in that they have independent transport agents. They also have capacity provider’s offers and are flexible enough to reach both the locals and the globe. Landstar is unmatched in the industry due to its capacity as a service provider. 

8. Suntek TTS/MODE Transportation

SunteckTTS and MODE Transportation merged in 2017 and they are a full-service, transportation logistics provider that operates through a network of sales, operations and capacity specialists.

Further, with the MODE side of things, the combo provides air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, freight brokerage, intermodal and drayage, inventory management and packaging, supply chain consulting, transportation management, warehousing, and distribution

9. GlobalTranz Enterprises

GlobalTranz is one of the best technology-driven freight brokerage companies. It is specialized in full truckload, expedited, and managed transport solutions. They are efficient in that they match the demand and carrier capacity of shippers in near real-time to save on time. 

10. J.B. Hunt Integrated Capacity Solutions

It is one of the biggest logistics companies in North America and is recognized for its safe and reliable transportation service. Its main aim and goal are to provide capacity oriented solutions to deliver to its customers.

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