August 20, 2020

Top Freight Brokers in the Americas

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson

Finding the best mix of forwarders and freight brokers in the Americas can be a massive challenge. How do companies really compare, and with today’s level of technology, most advanced forwarders offer similar rates, competitive value, and more. For that reason, let’s simplify things, noting a few key characteristics of the top freight brokers in the Americas that your company should consider for scalability and digital services.

1. C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is a company responsible for solving logistics hitches for firms across the globe. Clients have found it a great company to train on transportation logistics with perfect supervision. The company stands out by offering multimodal worldwide transportation services that rival any of the top freight brokers.

2. Total Quality Logistics

The company offers domestic and global freight shipping and logistics services. TQL values, such as integrity, honesty, and teamwork, play a major role to continue satisfying the customer’s expectations. The enterprise was categorized as the second leading carriage brokerage organization in recent years as well. Most important, the company has taken additional initiatives through its “Moves That Matter” program, reports Business Wire, to help companies streamline risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“These are the kinds of loads that remind us that what we move can honor, change or even save a life, said Kerry Byrne, president of Total Quality Logistics. “Our job at TQL 24/7/365 is to help keep the economy stimulated by facilitating shipments so products can get to store shelves, in consumers’ homes and in the right hands to combat the threat of the novel coronavirus.”

3. XPO Logistics

External Portable Office is a firm offering transportation and logistics contracts that activates supply resolutions to its clients. The enterprise runs as a greatly integrated technological networking system to serve more consumers. 

4. Echo Global Logistics

The company was founded with an aim to offer technological carriages services. The enterprise simplifies the shipping system to service businesses ship their products quickly at an affordable price. Customers are given an opportunity to track shipments in real time to minimize risks and avoid delays with ease.

5. Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express is a global logistics firm grounded in Dallas conducting shipments services. They provide customers with practical planning to save their business time and finances. The company is renowned for helping small to medium-sized commercials ship their products smarter.

6. Coyote Logistics

The company was founded with an objective to generate an improved service experience in the shipping industry. Coyote launched a digital freight platform to meet the consumer’s shipment services in an efficient way for a lasting solution to shippers. 

7. Landstar System

Landstar system is a transportation company offering supply chain resolutions. The firm’s services are provided through a connection of independent commission sales agents and third party suppliers. Landstar also delivers insurance services to its consumers.

8. Mode Transportation

The company offers transportation and shipping wants to customers in the US. Mode Transportation agents are well trained and equipped with the best tools to deliver top services. The company stands out by its comprehensive shipment option using a single provider.

9. Schneider

Schneider is the leading supplier of truckload, intermodal, and logistics services. The company stands out in the transportation and logistics industry for offering the wide-ranging portfolios. Schneider’s partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems will accelerate its technological platform growth through 2020 and beyond.

10. GlobalTranz Enterprises

The company is fast-growing in the marketplace through inventive logistics technology that improves the efficiency of shipping services to match consumer demands. The company offers a conducive environment for its customers with a wide range of amenities.

Put the Power of the Top Freight Brokers to Work Through a Digital Forwarding Platform

Each of the forwarders from the list of top freight brokers shares another commonality. They have embraced digital transformation, and for your company, working with these larger brokers will inevitably be key to growing your own success. 

Moreover, their systems are designed to work well with others and the have the economies of scale to deploy cutting edge technology.  They have large innovation teams and budgets devoted to empowering their customers with their own technology. 

For independent forwarders, it’s next to impossible to match that level of innovation – but that’s because you don’t need it necessarily.  You have your own clients, your own expertise, and book of business.  It will be some time before any computer can replace that and react to real world events as you can.  Your clients know that. Technology will augment your relationships

But what if you could emulate these larger, multi-billion dollar players?  What if there were ways to match their systems with an affordable, digital customer experience?  

There is. Welcome to the Future of Freight. Welcome to

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