Why Us?

Because the Mission drives our team:

To facilitate trade, foster collaboration, and promote the wellbeing of independent forwarders, shippers, and their customers.

We’re not just a great startup idea. Our families live, work, and play in logistics every day. It’s our livelihood. Everyone knows someone who is in the sector. It’s our grandpas, our fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, and the employees that become family that matter. We are proud to support them along with the end-consumers of the cargo that our Cargologik users move. We are proud to support the local economies that power entire communities, regions, and states that also form around ports and helping businesses at-large win.

Our Team is experienced & proven:

Miles J. Varghese

Two startups, Two exits. Prior to joining Cargologik, Miles served as employee #3 leading sales, growth, and go-to-market for Octopi Terminal Operating System (TOS) – the first true SaaS TOS in the industry. Octopi was the “Gmail of Terminal Operating Systems,” and the first modern web-based platform.  In under 2.5 years, the venture was acquired by Navis, the incumbent market leader and original creator of the technology itself. Octopi expanded into 5 continents prior to its acquisition.

Miles traveled around the globe with his team deploying TOS systems across five continents while providing other critical functions for the organization including sales, marketing, operations, product development, implementation/training, and project management. Through his time with Octopi and Navis, Miles also built relationships and alliances with port authorities, associations, propeller clubs, port terminals, stevedores, terminal operators, liners, other startups, and continues to advocate for innovation within the entire industry.

He’s a proud first generation Indian-American, modern sales professional,  #miamitech entrepreneur, and graduate of Herbert Business School at The University of Miami. Miles also leads sales, growth, and serves in the CEO co-founding capacity.



Luis F. Trujillo

Shipping digital native. Luis Trujillo Jr. was born in the shipping industry and represents the third generation in a long line of shipping pioneers in Guayaquil, Ecuador. His grandfather, father, and now himself are members of the Grupo Holco Family. Grupo Holco is a diversified shipping company with multiple interests and ventures within the supply chain. In the 40+ years that they have been in business, the group has owned and operated warehouses, trucking companies, freight forwarding operations, 3pls, container depots, port terminals, and agencies.

Luis quickly saw the technology gaps that existed in the freight forwarding industry and was critical in technology consulting engagements involving the family’s freight forwarding business, Logunsa. From that engagement, a new venture was born between technology cobuilder and investor, Rokk3r.com, and the family’s shipping business, Grupo Holco.  Luis worked from inception of the engagement to co-founding the venture June 2019 along with rokk3r.com.

His passion for the industry, the business, and expertise allows him to be the perfect customer success manager and product strategist, working closely with clients and their customers for win-win outcomes.

Luis is a football aficionado, product management buff, and proud Emory graduate. 


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