Supply Chain
June 14, 2024

Preparing for New Trade Patterns as the Supply Chain Reshapes


No one knows what the global supply chain will look like in the coming years. Trade patterns are shifting, new manufacturing hubs are rising, rates are volatile, and there’s a growing sense of uncertainty in this age of supply chain disruption.

This week’s headlines dive into the shifting sands of the global supply chain, exploring the most prominent changes and outlining the risks that BCOs and LSPs face. Continue reading to learn more, and get in touch with us if you’re looking for a supply chain platform that can equip your business to thrive during this period of transition.

How the U.S.-China Decoupling Impacts the Global Supply Chain

The global supply is reshaping, which will lead to the rise of new trade patterns while diminishing old ones. One of the forces pushing this reconfiguration is the slow “decoupling” of U.S. and Chinese supply chains, which have been reliant on each other for decades now. As the two countries have engaged in an ongoing trade war, supply chain participants are now looking for greater reliability, which is driving them to seek alternatives and, in turn, blowing up traditional trade patterns.

The World Economic Forum writes that “technology can help both businesses and customs authorities adjust to these new patterns of trade, driving efficiency gains in supply chains and logistics.” The key is finding the right technology to power your business and its supply chain. At Cargologik, we believe in creating a single source of truth that eliminates fragmentation and builds collaboration and visibility that responds to the unique demands of the modern supply chain.

The Growing Need for an Integrated Approach to Supply Chain Management

Supply & Demand Chain Executive writes about the growing demand for an integrated approach to supply chain management, noting that integration can “foster seamless information exchange between stakeholders and remove inefficiencies.” That concept is one of the driving forces behind the Cargologik platform, which was designed to foster collaboration and eliminate the fragmentation that can be so harmful in today’s supply chain.

The movement of goods and products around the world has changed dramatically in recent years. To keep pace with these changes, it’s essential that BCOs and LSPs radically rethink the technologies they use to power supply chain management.

How LSPs are Overcoming Their Unique Challenges

Supply Chain Brain examines the unique challenges LSPs face in meeting the expectations of so many clients who all have individual needs. One suggestion is to determine what “kind of technology is needed to achieve that objective.” The article recommends identifying technology that gives LSPs the ability to help their customers grow — and then scale in line with that growth so they can continue providing outstanding service in the future.

More generally, the article looks into all LSPs’ ultimate challenges of helping their clients overcome disruption. At Cargologik, we believe the two best ways to prepare for future unknown disruptions are to establish means of collaboration across all stakeholders and to achieve end-to-end visibility. There’s no way to know what exactly the next great supply chain disruption will bring, but collaboration and visibility put organizations in a position to delight their customers and overcome almost anything.

The Disruptions Impacting the Supply Chain Now

Disruptions aren’t always global, and they don’t always capture major headlines. For example, flooding in Brazil is making an impact on supply chain operations in the region without gaining much attention. And, of course, there are large and well-known disruptions like the ongoing missile attacks in the Red Sea that supply chain participants must deal with.

These disruptions have sent maritime shipping rates skyrocketing in recent weeks. The Drewry World Container Index shows just how high rates have spiked in the current climate. As noted above, BCOs and LSPs will be glad to have means of close collaboration plus end-to-end visibility for their supply chains at times of volatility and disruption.

Cargologik: Your Technology Partner for the Modern Supply Chain

Navigating the modern supply chain requires modern technology that enhances collaboration, establishes visibility, and helps a team manage tasks from booking to document management. At Cargologik, we’ve built a platform that accomplishes all of this while serving as your single source of truth for supply chain management.

As new challenges emerge regularly and organizations seek to gain an advantage in this competitive environment, we can be the technology partner that empowers you to thrive. Get started now to learn more about the Cargologik platform and what it can do for your business.

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