August 1, 2023

Cargologik Announces Launch of Groundbreaking Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Platform and Appoints Industry Veteran Gabriel de Godoy as CEO


MIAMI, Fla. –  August 1, 2023 – Cargologik, a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of Cargologik 2.0, marking a major milestone in the company's journey to revolutionize the supply chain industry.

Cargologik’s new platform builds on the company's commitment to unite best-in-class collaboration with end-to-end supply chain visibility in a single source of truth. This powerful upgrade offers enhanced features for Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs),  empowering them to create a more connected, efficient, optimized, predictable, and sustainable supply chain. 

Key features and benefits of Cargologik 2.0 include:

  • Supply Chain Collaboration between BCOs and LSPs enables them to optimize operations, create efficiencies, improve personnel productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and establish a “single source of truth” for all supply chain information. 
  • Complete Visibility allows for real-time assessment and mitigation of risks and bottlenecks quickly and effectively, increasing supply chain reliability and predictability, providing insights for better data-driven decisions, and increasing profitability by eliminating unexpected costs. 
  • Integrated Communication through a single platform ensures seamless message and document sharing and keeps all stakeholders aligned.

Cargologik also introduced Gabriel de Godoy as the company's new CEO. Gabriel, a seasoned entrepreneur, brings over 20 years of experience in international freight forwarding and supply chain solutions.  In 2001, he founded Freight Logistics, a technology-powered international freight forwarder headquartered in Miami, with branch offices in the US, Argentina, Brazil and Chile acquired in 2019 and  nXT Software Solutions in 2006, a WMS SaaS software company acquired  in  2022.

"I'm incredibly excited to lead Cargologik into its next growth phase," de Godoy said. "The launch of Cargologik 2.0 exemplifies our commitment to fostering and enhancing collaboration between BCOs and LSPs and streamlining supply chain processes and operations.”

The company also introduced Luis Trujillo as Chief Experience Officer and Jairo Mendoza as Senior Product Manager, and an advisory board of industry veterans and experts: Marlon Ramirez, Jeremy Dunn, Adam Robinson, Rodrigo Conde, Miles Varghese, and Jesus Hernando Duarte Chaustre.

"The combination of our new upgraded platform and the depth of industry and technological expertise in our new leadership team and advisors positions us to make a significant impact in the industry," said Luis Trujillo, CXO of Cargologik.

About Cargologik 

With a leadership team combining 40 years of logistics-industry experience, Cargologik is streamlining and solving the most pressing challenges BCOs and LSPs face today, directly impacting their customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and bottom line. Learn more at

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